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LCAC Interns Make History at the LCAC

Hi! My name is Ivan Rodriguez. I'm a senior at the University of Denver majoring in Spanish with two minors in Math and Computer Science. I was raised in a Hispanic household in New Mexico, which inspired my passion for community and innovation. My time at the LCAC, as a Marketing and Digital Infrastructure Intern, has allowed me to gain a better understanding about communicating effectively, problem solving through new technologies, and developing a deeper appreciation about our historic contributions as Latinos. It has been a once in a lifetime opportunity to make history with the LCAC!

Hola, my name is Cindy Loya! I'm a local artist and student at MSU Denver and joined the LCAC internship to assist with cataloging the Abarca Family Textile Collection. This experience gives me an opportunity to employ research and my passion for ancient Mexican textile techniques. Working with the LCAC has strengthened my connection to various communities, local artists, and collaborators. I look forward to working with the LCAC for another semester!

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