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A Letter from Viva Southwest Mariachi Co-Director

My journey into Mariachi began in 1969 at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, with a Denver community group that evolved into regional leaders in Mariachi music and education.

As we look to the future, Mariachi continues to bridge communities, while celebrating Mexican culture that results in the success of our youth, career opportunities, and educational growth for all of us. We hope you will come to experience an explosion of Mariachi music including:

  • March 29: Somos Los Nuggets - A special All-State Mariachi Estelares performance of the National Anthem at Ball Arena

  • April 19: Festival Garibaldi- A free community event celebrating Mexican music, dance, cuisine and entertainment

  • July 30 - August 4: Nuestra Raíces: Música Mariachi - A week-long overnight camp offering youth a unique opportunity to fine-tune their craft and create lasting memories with our partners, Rocky Ridge Music (Westword's Best of Denver 2023)

  • September TBD: Viva Southwest Mariachi Festival - A night that features a sensational lineup that includes local Mariachi musicians, All-State Mariachi Estelares and a star-studded headliner

We promise you a memorable experience in Denver that will emblazon the music of Mexico in your hearts and minds. 

Dr. Lorenzo A. Trujillo


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