The LCAC Team brings a range of talents in community development, education research, philanthropy and programming, marketing and events planning, business and non-profit management.


Adrianna Abarca 

Founder & Chair

Adrianna brings half a century of knowledge and commitment to cultivating an appreciation for Latin American cultural expression. Her vision is to preserve these traditions while creating leadership opportunities in the arts.

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Marco Antonio Abarca 

President of Ready Foods, Inc., Denver

Mr. Abarca is the President & CEO of Ready Foods, Inc. Marco Antonio is interested in advancing education and supports a number of reform initiatives. His hobbies include reading and traveling to historic sites.

Deborah Quintana

Owner of World Wide Money Exchange

Ms. Quintana is the first and only Latina to solely own and operate a Foreign Currency Exchange in a major airport in the United States - World Wide Money Exchange, which was established in 1991. Deborah is an active supporter of community-based organizations in the Denver metro area.

Flor Alvidrez

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Agent and Co-owner of Plaza Construction, Inc.

Having managed millions of dollars of construction projects and real estate transactions, she will use this expertise to support the LCAC’s development & construction efforts. As an active Denver local, giving back is important to her. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, biking, yoga, and painting.


Carlos Martinez 

Executive Director of Latino Community Foundation of Colorado (LCFC)

Mr. Martinez is the Executive Director of the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado (LCFC).  He has been in this position for over five years and is presently leading the LCFC’s transition to an independent community foundation. Mr. Martinez has worked in social service and arts organizations in Colorado, California and Massachusetts. 


Alfredo Reyes 

Executive Director 

Alfredo is responsible for translating the LCAC vision into action through cutting-edge partnerships and programs. He draws upon his training in leadership + pedagogy to highlight the complexity and depth behind the Latino imagination.

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Lilian Lara

Community Arts Programs 

Lilian is a dynamic artist and educator with 10+ years of classroom experience working with diverse groups. She believes art is an essential component to the human condition and draws upon her teaching background to make programming accessible and available to the community she serves.

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Marialuisa Meza-Burgos

Music Programs 

Marialuisa Meza-Burgos is a theatre maker, singer and musician. She has collaborated with artists from the United States to Egypt. Burgos draws upon her 20 years of experience in the performing arts to educate and empower young BIPOC and LGBQ+ performers.

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Joyce Sanchez


Joyce comes with 25 years of professional experience empowering and supporting the most vulnerable people in our community, through youth and family services. She is a fearless advocate and is dedicated to helping people reach their full potential through arts and culture.

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Victoria Paige Gonzalez 

Marketing & Digital Infrastructure 

Victoria is the creative eye behind the LCAC’s visual identity. She draws upon her background in fine arts and arts administration to build our brand from a community level. You can find her creative touch across the cultural arts landscape in the Southwest through her support of BIPOC & LGBTQIA2S+ artists.

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