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Imagínate: The Future of Latino Arts @ Las Bodegas

Community Wellness at the LCAC

At the Latino Cultural Arts Center (LCAC), Community Wellness is defined as “living into the seasons” and embracing the natural cycles of the land. It facilitates awareness and presence attuned to each season, adapting, and flowing with the rhythms of nature. By harmonizing with the seasons, we cultivate balance, integrity, rest, and growth.


Community Wellness instills pride and belonging by reclaiming ancestral legacies and traditions. Centered on the whole person, our programs promote physical health, emotional well-being, and celebrate cultural heritage. Through intergenerational learning and collective empowerment, the LCAC leverages creativity to support healing from isolation and division.

Monthly Arte + Community Wellness Workshops

NOW Every Second Saturday of the Month!

Workshop Schedule for 2024

Lite Snacks + Drinks Provided • Sliding Scale $5-$15 

Spots are limited, registration is strongly encouraged! Follow us @LCACdenver or

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Saturday, April 13, 2-4pm: TBD


Saturday, May 11, 2-4pm: TBD


Saturday, June 08, 2-4pm: TBD


Saturday, July 13, 2-4pm: TBD


Saturday, August 10, 2-4pm: TBD


Arte + Community

Wellness Workshops For Men

Men's Healing Through Ancestral Wisdom

2024 Spring Cohort now in session!

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We extend a warm welcome to Denver Healing Generations, inviting men and boys to participate in a four week cohort. Our aim is to broaden the conversation and encourage ways to address negative thoughts, moods and feelings that cause distress across generations. Learn More>>

Thanks to Our Program Sponsor: Caring for Denver

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