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Las Bodegas will be built upon meaningful partnerships and programs at the intersection of visual and multimedia arts, mental health, and healthy environment. Our buildings will consist of a multimedia lab, two artists studios, four flexible classrooms, and a café. Las Bodegas will draw on the LCAC’s national and international connections to grow our mutual capacity.


Las Bodegas are a catalyst that empowers the next generation of inspiring story tellers, while contributing to growing and important sectors in Colorado’s economy by making them more accessible and dynamic!

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The next two years will be VITAL to building a strong financial foundation for running a state-of-the-art community space. Las Bodegas will be a creative hub combining art, collective impact and professional development. This represents the first major investment in Latino art, culture and education in Colorado in over 30 years! 


As the LCAC continues the design and construction process, we must build a grass-roots fundraising coalition to sustainably operate the space once the doors are open, which I anticipate to be in mid 2024. We already have 53% pledged (between federal, state, and city partners) of the total remodel cost for Las Bodegas. That's about $3.4 million dollars…More on this later! 

Join LCAC's Grassroots Fundraising Community

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We have our Business Plan and pro formas in hand (generously funded by Bonfils-Stanton Foundation and the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado) thanks to the excellent work of Keen Independent Research. It is estimated to take approximately $635,000 annually to deliver exceptional programs across digital and visual arts.

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