Las Bodegas will be built upon meaningful partnerships and programs at the intersection of visual and multimedia arts, mental health, and healthy environment. Our buildings will consist of a multimedia lab, two artists studios, four flexible classrooms, and a café. Las Bodegas will draw on the LCAC’s national and international connections to grow our mutual capacity.


Las Bodegas are a catalyst that empowers the next generation of inspiring story tellers, while contributing to growing and important sectors in Colorado’s economy by making them more accessible and dynamic!

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About Keen + Las Bodegas Master Plan

The LCAC has engaged Keen Independent Research to facilitate the business and operational planning of Las Bodegas, which will serve primarily the Sun Valley and La Alma Park neighborhoods, through intergenerational and interdisciplinary activities that blend cultural development with social impact. 


To complete the study, Keen Independent will perform the following tasks:


  1. Overview of private sector investment and philanthropic support

  2. Market research analysis, including the development of a business model

  3. Comprehensive analysis of existing programs and gathering input on proposed ideas

To follow the research process and to participate click below. PLEASE share widely!

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Become a Monthly Donor

Show your support of Las Bodegas by contributing to the LCAC’s Operations Fund by becoming a monthly donor.  With your backing, the LCAC will continue to combine the cultural arts with economic empowerment to benefit artists, educators, youth, and families. 


The Operations Fund provides salaries, payroll taxes, health benefits, partner honoraria, utilities, insurance, building maintenance and office supplies.  


As a donor you will be the FIRST to receive updates about Las Bodegas and discounted access to the LCAC events, along with a growing network of perks across Denver, including educational workshops in music, visual, and digital arts, AND much more!