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A Night of Cultura, Mariachi and the Denver Nuggets @ Ball Arena - The LCAC’s First Fundraiser of the Year

Join us for Somos Los Nuggets as they take on the Minnesota Timberwolves. The LCAC and MSU Denver's prestigious All-State Mariachi Estelares will be performing the National Anthem, showcasing their incredible talent.

Whether you’re a basketball enthusiast or simply looking for a night of culture and entertainment, celebrate our rich Mexican heritage while cheering on the Denver Nuggets to victory and supporting the LCAC. 

Take Advantage of our Exclusive Ticket Price for Comunidad!

Share widely with your network! ¡Nos Vemos @ Ball Arena!

Powered by Comunidad Fundraiser Tickets

Each ticket comes with a Powered by Comunidad freebie & supports the LCAC

Benefits for Purchasing Denver Nugget Tickets with the LCAC

  • LONG-TERM IMPACT -  A large portion of our ticket sales goes towards elevating Mariachi in Colorado

  • ENHANCED EXPERIENCE - Each ticket comes with a Powered by Comunidad freebie to cheer on the Mariachi Estelares & the Nuggets

  • PERSONAL CONNECTION -  Stay informed about future opportunties to enjoy Mariachi in Colorado

  • EXCLUSIVE PRICING - Our prices for comunidad beat Ticketmaster and their fees

Know Before You Purchase

  • If you haven't already, create a Ticketmaster account and provide us with your account email at checkout for a smooth transfer

  • The LCAC will assign seating in the 200-300 sections across the Ball Arena. Please allow the LCAC seven days to offcially transfer your tickets through Ticketmaster

  • We are working directly with Ball Arena to facilitate the transfer of the tickets, please contact Alana Kornaker for any questions regarding your tickets at 303.405.1667 or

  • All Sales are Final due to LCAC's investment in time and resources in facilitating the fundriaser

Thank You for Your Patience and Understanding


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