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Hijos del Sol expands the market for Latino hand-made artisan goods that will otherwise be lost. We believe in keeping profits in the hands of artisans rather than giant corporations not concerned with the overall health of our comunidad. All of our inventory is hand-selected for its excellence to highlight age-old traditions told through patterns, colors and symbols.

Our goal is to offer you a personalized shopping experience for yourself, tu familia y tus amigos. By supporting artisans globally and locally, you help build the future of the LCAC because 25% of all sales are earmarked for the LCAC programs and events. Shop with us knowing that you are making a difference!

The Art of Olinalá Lacquerware Workshop

Sun Valley Kitchen • Friday, November 17, 2023 • 6:00-8:30 pm • $40 per person • For All Skill Levels 

Hijos del Sol welcomes back Flor Espinal and her husband, Vicente Castillo, who come from generations of lacquerware artisans in Olinalá, Guerrero, Mexico.

Participants will learn about the beautiful process of lacquerware made in Olinalá from locally sourced wood, chia seed oil, ground stone and tree resin. Flor and Vicente will teach participants about this Indigenous tradition of decoration, which is among the oldest Folk art traditions in the world.

Additionally, join us at the Holiday Mercado @ Hijos del Sol, on November 18, from 10am-4pm, for the opportunity to shop Flor & Vicente’s selection of extraordinary lacquerware collection.



Open during shopping events and by appointment, 

call 303-946-8873.

The shop is located at 2715 W. 8th Avenue Denver, Colorado.


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