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Message from the LCAC Board Chair - A Pivot East

When the LCAC began in 2018, the focus was at the Colfax location, across from the Broncos stadium. When the pandemic hit, we made the decision to table the building plans for a 7 story complex that would include a restaurant, galleries, event space, and boutique hotel. Our new development plans put the LCAC in a position to play a vital role in the reshaping of the Sun Valley and La Alma neighborhoods through the power of art and education.


On behalf of the Board of Directors, I invite you to join the LCAC as we pivot eight blocks east to combine art and social impact to benefit Denver for decades to come.  

Adrianna and Alfredo.png

The LCAC Cultural Campus will span the Sun Valley and La Alma neighborhoods

and become a model for sustainable cultural development.


We started in 2018 with Hijos del Sol, an award-winning gift shop that expands the market for

Latino hand-made artisan goods that keeps money in our comunidades.


We are working to open an intergenerational and interdisciplinary community arts center

called “Las Bodegas” (or warehouses).

A Message from the LCAC Executive Director


It brings me great pride to announce that the LCAC is now the owner of two donated warehouses between Sun Valley and La Alma Park. The property totals 12,000 square feet and is located at 1935 W. 12th Avenue, Denver. We entered a ground lease of 99-years for $10 a month, with a land purchase option that we will exercise in the near future. 

The community art space, that we refer to as Las Bodegas, will be home to our Ofrendas and Public Art Mentoring Program (and others yet to be imagined). They will uniquely combine art, research, and workforce development to address the most pressing challenges we face as a society. 


We will create pipelines of talent into the creative economy by empowering the next generation of leaders and storytellers with an emphasis on multimedia and visual arts. 


Fasten your seatbelts, we are about to take flight! 

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