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Denver, Colorado  

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The Collection

The Mission of the Latino Cultural Arts Center (LCAC) is to strengthen the knowledge of the extensive artistic expressions of Latinos living in the U.S. and globally through education, discussion, exhibition, and preservation of their historical and ongoing contributions.


Our vision of an interdisciplinary center will be realized through weaving the richness and diversity of Latino cultural expression and thereby promoting the artistic and economic vitality in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. We will build a creative gateway to and from Denver and the world.


Diverse communities will convene to celebrate, honor, and share diverse Latin American experiences. The LCAC will offer a high-quality arts experience and enrichment process that values interdisciplinary knowledge


Preserve the historic presence of Latinos in the Rocky Mountain region 

Ensure adequate representation of varied Latino cultural traditions 

Promote self-empowerment of the Latino community through participation in artistic activities 

Provide Latino artists an opportunity to launch new cultural endeavors 

Encourage tourism in the region anchored to a vibrant Latino community