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Las Bodegas


The Mission of the Latino Cultural Arts Center is to develop, elevate and showcase the artistic and intellectual contributions of Latinos by centering, celebrating, and activating Latinidad. The LCAC provides education, training, mentoring, and incubation for emerging creatives specializing in visual, digital, performing, musical, culinary, and literary arts.


The LCAC imagines a Cultural Campus rooted in the Latino experience that serves a multi-generational audience, merging artistic & cultural development with economic empowerment to support artists, youth, families, educators, and the broader local and regional community. 


Through exhibitions, workshops, events, and performances, the LCAC creates a vibrant, socially conscious arts ecosystem that creates belonging through place-keeping, cements cultural legacy, and activates Latinidad as a vehicle for civic dialogue and social change.


Imaginative Excellence 

We aspire to be exceptional anywhere and everywhere. 


Cultural Courage

We co-create across differences, inspiring solidarity, and collective action. 


Collective Impact

We create structural change by connecting families, neighborhoods, artist studios, classrooms, businesses, and service providers.



We honor & embody a rich & complex experience that is simultaneously Indigenous, African, Asian, and European & always evolving.

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