Our history begins in the North Side of Denver with the family of a Mexican immigrant and an Irish American who founded an industrial food processing company in Denver in 1972. They became the largest patrons of Latino arts in the region by supporting their artist friends across the city and the Americas.

From housing the Abarca Family Collection to our collaborations and programs, the LCAC is committed to harnessing the creative economy by putting its transformative power in the hands of

Artists + Families +  Youth + Educators.



To Advance and Elevate the Artistic and Intellectual Contributions of Latinos 



Art Experiences that Inspire Social Change


  • Imaginative Excellence
    We aspire to be exceptional anywhere and everywhere. 


  • Cultural Courage 
    We co-create across differences, inspiring solidarity and
    collective action. 


  • Collective Impact
    We create structural changes that connect families, neighborhoods, artist studios, classrooms, businesses,

    and service providers.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Community Partners



The LCAC Cultural Campus will span the Sun Valley and La Alma neighborhoods

and become a model for sustainable cultural development.


We started in 2018 with Hijos del Solan award-winning gift shop that expands

the market for Latino hand-made artisan goods that and keeps money in our communities.


We are working to open an intergenerational and interdisciplinary community arts program

called “Las Bodegas” (or warehouses).

Want to get involved in community arts programs that tackle social change?

Looking to expand your creative side by taking art classes & workshops? 


At the LCAC, you will discover endless opportunities

for experiencing the richness of Latino cultures

through  sights, sounds, and tastes.



The LCAC  values bridge the classroom, library, studio and the streets: Arts with a social conscience. Where creativity, excellence, grace and courage are at the intersection of identity, history and social change.

We believe in ordinary people doing extraordinary things through

art + culture + community development.

Art + History + Education are not something distant or that belong

in a single institution; rather they personally live on through

every dance move, brushstroke, and musical beat attuned to

the rhythm of creativity and social change.