Culture is Alive and Thriving at Hijos del Sol

The Latino Cultural Arts Center operates a retail shop called Hijos del Sol that encourages and supports local and international Latino folk art and crafts. It provides a revenue-generating source for artists and artisans. In 2019, the shop was recognized by Westword Magazine as "Denver's Best Museum Gift Shop” because of our assortment of hand-selected textiles, one-of-a-kind jewelry, hand-painted home decor and more. The Hijos del Sol collection includes artisan work from Mexico, Central, and South America, as well as Colorado-based and U.S. artists who have a connection to Latin America. Come shop with us knowing that your purchase supports our fundraising efforts to make the LCAC vision a reality.

Culture is Alive and Thriving at Hijos del Sol

Stories Behind the Amazing Products We Carry

Tonalá pottery is unique to the Tonalá region of Jalisco, Mexico, which has long been recognized as the center for ceramics in the country because of the type of imagery, technique and clay. Tonalá is home to the Museo Nacional de la Cerámica where visitors can explore the long history of pottery dating back to the Pre-Colombian era. The bruñido or burnished style, found in our collection at Hijos del Sol, gets its name because of the smooth, shiny surface once fired and polished. These wares are then painted with delicate brushstrokes in tones of blue and brown with whimsical imagery of naguals, a mischievous creature that can shape shift from human to animal. Another distinguishing motif are the flor de Tonalá, fish, and birds that symbolize the abundance of nature.

Multicolores is a group of over forty women artisans scattered across five communities in the highlands of Guatemala, which was founded in 2013 as the first rug hooking cooperative in the country. As Mayan women, they value their textile heritage and use rug hooking as a way to evolve their practice and keep their rich cultural history alive. The hooked rugs in our collection are innovatively made of 100% recycled materials. This is not only good for the environment; it is also a relatively inexpensive way of starting a local business in Guatemala. The artists take their design inspiration from the traditional huipils, skirts (cortes) and belts (fajas) worn by Maya women.

The Multicolores Co-op has brought many positive changes to the women’s lives. By selling their rugs they are able to earn a regular income, which helps them to support their families, improve their homes, and send their children to school. Few Maya women travel beyond their villages but being part of Multicolores has opened new horizons; it provides opportunities to build cross-cultural friendships and share their craft with the world.

New accessories have arrived by designer Elizabeth Ortiz. Her beautiful intricate purses are made with Iraca, a thread that comes from the tropical palm trees of Colombia and were debuted at this year's Latin Fashion Week Colorado. The threading process involves drying, tinting and hand weaving the thread. Iraca can be used to make jewelry, bags and other accessories. The purses are 100% handmade by women artisans from the Atlantic coast of Colombia.

Hijos del Sol’s buyer, Susan Ramsey, explains that for the finest pieces, a weaver can take up to 6 months to complete one huipil. Most of the designs are based on the flora and fauna of the area. These include petate mat patterns, fretwork, suns, stars, mountains, rivers, dogs, horses, donkeys, turtles, water bugs, birds, and various flowers. An “S” pattern represents the feminine and indirectly, the earth. Another common motif is the double headed eagle, which is based on several myths of the region.

Each hat in the Carlos Santana Collection is intricately crafted and designed using unique trims and details. These trims represent Santana’s lifestyle and passion for harmony. Similarly, the Carlos Collection brings about the same uniqueness through shapes and vibrant colors, offering a hip and fashionable feel. By carrying these hats, the LCAC supports The Milagro Foundation, which works with undeserved and vulnerable children in the areas of education, health and the arts. It was founded by Carlos Santana in 1998 and has since granted over $7.5 million to agencies that support children.

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