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Meet One of LCAC’s Artists-In-Residence David Ocelotl Garcia

David Ocelotl Garcia, “La Fiesta”, acrylic on canvas, part of the Abarca Family Collection.

Meet one of LCAC’s artists-in-residence David Ocelotl Garcia.

Colorado-based artist David Ocelotl Garcia (b.1978, Denver, CO) is accomplished across several mediums including painting, sculpture, and murals. His work can be seen in public art commissions, and both museum and private collections.

David discovered his natural ability and passion for fine art at the age of eleven. His early work consisted of life drawing and water-based sculpture, which he created at the Art Students League of Denver. By the age of eighteen David was assisting professional muralists and monumental bronze sculptors. Now his own work ranges from large-scale interior and exterior murals, painted directly on existing surfaces, panels, cloth and canvas. Through self-meditation and creative exploration David has developed his own technique and philosophy on painting and sculpture coined “Abstract Imaginism.” It is a style of art that combines the spontaneity and unpredictability of abstraction with the creativity and perception of his imagination. David is most influenced by the movement of atomic energy and its effect on all living things. It is through art that David hopes to manifest beauty, inspiration, color and energy.

View more of his work by visiting his website

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