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Revitalize, Not Gentrify: How Art Is Helping To Breathe New Life Into Denver's Sun Valley

As you may know the future of LCAC will be embedded in the Sun Valley neighborhood. Listen in while Stacy Nick from KUNC interviews, Adrianna Abarca, the Founder and Board Chair of LCAC.

“The changes that are coming, I just know they’re good changes,” said Saenz, a single mother of two. “And probably five years from now -- maybe 10 -- it’s not even going to look the same. It’s going to be showcased in a good way, not a negative thing anymore. Positive. Prosperous.” - Lisa Saenz, Sun Valley resident

Click below for full article and audio:

The former location of Ready Foods will be renovated into the Latino Cultural Arts Center. Photo by STACY NICK / KUNC.

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