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Faces Behind LCAC With Josiah Lopez

Josiah Lee Lopez is an established Denver native artist recognized for his dynamic stencil work both inside and outside the gallery space. His work consists of graffiti, illustration, and painting. Drawn by popular culture, he has a personal archive of 10,000 images from magazines, books, and the web. His works, which require multiple stencils pieced together for the final composition, are typically depictions of historical figures and events significant to his personal and collective Latino identity. Take a stroll up Santa Fe Drive between 9th and 10th to see one of his most iconic murals – The Blue Ladies. It is understood that the walls on this block are his claimed domain – a pact made by neighboring graffiti artists. The Abarca Family Collection houses Lopez’s work and will be on display at the future site of LCAC’s Mexican Heritage Museum.

Lopez has his MFA in Studio Arts from University of Colorado at Boulder and has several murals around Denver and California. He also works with young artists with disabilities as a mentor and teacher at Access Gallery. “LCAC is vital for the preservation and celebration of Latino and Chicano Art. It is important for our works to be accessible and inspirational to all,” says Lopez.

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