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Ofrendas: Offerings of Hope

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are many ways to get involved in supporting Ofrendas.

Submit your donation on the LCAC's Colorado Gives website.

Your donation can be directed towards a specific project or divided evenly among the levels. Please specify in the "special instructions or comments for nonprofit" section of the donation submission form.

Ofrendas at Home

The Ofrendas, or offerings upon an altar, are the centerpiece of this sacred celebration because they are what guide the spirits of ancestors back to their living relatives. They may include photographs, foods, flowers, candles, decorations, and other sacred elements that our loved ones enjoyed in life. As such, the LCAC is putting together a series of unique handmade altar-kits.

Our aim is to build healthier and more resilient communities, so for every two that are acquired through donations, one will be gifted to a family or individual.

Ofrendas Online with the LCAC, Atekpatzin, CHAC, LFWC,

Re:Vision, & RiseWestwood

Ce Ilhuitl: Ancient Roots of Día de los Muertos and the Altar Traditions with David Atekpatzin Young, MA, Traditional Healer (Apache/Pueblo)

Saturday, Oct. 24, 6-7pm

LCAC Virtual Presentation

Healing Historical Trauma: We Are the Answer to Our Ancestors' Prayers

Thursday, Oct. 29, 6-7pm

LCAC Virtual Presentation

Tu Sabor con Beto & Pancho

with Re:Vision

Friday, Oct. 30, 6-7pm

LCAC Virtual Presentation

Panel on the Colorado's History of Día de Los Muertos

Saturday, Oct. 31, 6-7pm

The LCAC & CHAC Virtual Presentation

Ofrendas in Community

Community Altar at Kepner Saturday, Oct. 3, 12-7pm D3 Arts, Lifeline, Transform Education Now, & Comunidad

Peace March & an Unveiling of a New Mural

Sunday, Oct. 4, 3-5pm

D3 Arts, Transform Education Now Lifeline & Comunidad

Ofrendas Online with CHAC, Journey Through Our Heritage Program with the Chicana/o Studies Department at MSU Denver

Ofrendas’ programming draws upon traditions passed on for hundreds of years and the creative spirit to activate the digital space in educational ways, while co-creating and sharing in a culture of learning. There are FREE virtual and in-person activities that families can enjoy together. In conjunction with Ofrendas' community partners Chicano Humanities Arts Council (CHAC) and the JTOH program w/ Chicana/o Studies Department at MSU Denver, elders will share their stories and wisdom about the traditions and history of Día de los Muertos. Additionally, the presentations will include a calavera make-up tutorial, pan de muerto cooking class, and a presentation on mourning and grief.

Interactive Día de Los Muertos Altar

Friday, Oct. 9-Nov. 3

CHAC & History Colorado

Calavera Face Painting

Saturday, Oct. 10, 12-1pm

CHAC Virtual Presentation

Creating Block Print Calaveras

Saturday, Oct. 17, 12-1pm

CHAC Virtual Presentation

Rock Painting

Saturday, Oct. 24 ,1-2pm

CHAC Virtual Presentation

La Llorona Stories

Saturday, Oct. 31, 2-3pm

CHAC Virtual Presentation


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