Ofrendas at Home

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The Ofrendas, or offerings upon an altar, are the centerpiece of this sacred celebration because they are what guide the spirits of ancestors back to their living relatives. They may include photographs, foods, flowers, candles, decorations, and other sacred elements that our loved ones enjoyed in life. As such, the LCAC is putting together a series of unique altar-kits. They include original handmade contributions of four Denver artists: Ana Marina Sanchez (Jeweler), Victor Escobedo (mixed-media), Lilian Lara (mixed-media), Cal Duran (sculptor), and artisans from Mexico and Peru. These altar-kits are meant to be taken home and personalized according to your familial legacies as a form of remembrance and healing.


Our aim is to build healthier and more resilient communities, so for every two that are acquired through donations, one will be gifted to a family or individual.

Ofrendas-kit, $150


  • DIY Heart Kit--handmade by artist Lilian Lara

  • Paper Butterflies--handmade by artist Cal Duran

  • Milargo w/ DIY Tassel--designed by artist Ana Marina Sanchez

  • DIY Calavera w/ oil-based pen--handmade by Artist Victor Escobedo

  • Día de los Muertos Postcard--image by Mexican artist Javier Ramos Lucano 

  • Chiapas Pom Pom Garland--made by San Andres Larrainzar

  • Virgen De Guadalupe Candle--image by artist David Martinez

  • Chiapas Mantelito--made by Weaving for Justice Co-op

  • Ethically Sourced Peruvian Palo Santo

  • Handwoven Guatemalan Tie

  • Mexican Papel Picado

  • Marigold Seeds

  • Bonus Item TBD


Children's-kit, $30

  • I Remember Abuelito: A Day of the Dead Story Book by Janice Levy

  • Memories of Loved Ones Pocket Zine

  • Handwoven Guatemalan Tie  

  • Viva la Vida Keepsake Box

  • Coco Papel Picado

Reserve Your Ofrendas-Kit Today

The LCAC altar-kits are handmade by local and international artists. There are limited quantities of 200 available so reserve yours today by calling LCAC Program Coordinator, Joyce Sanchez, at (303) 946-8873. There are also 50 children's-kits available.

Pick-up Your Ofrendas-Kit

Altar-kits can be picked up October 16th through November 1st at Hijos del Sol, 2715 W. 8th Avenue, from 11am-4pm or by appointment by contacting us at Info@LCAC-Denver.org or by calling Joyce Sanchez, LCAC Program Coordinator, at 303-946-8873.