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Westword: Best Holiday Gift Markets in Denver

Another year, another holiday shopping season. Sigh. Thoughtful gifts from local makers, artisans and global fair-trade micro-businesses will help you along this season, as will the knowledge that you didn’t just throw your money at corporate retailers online. This year, try it our way: Have a small-scale social experience, buy well, go home and put up your feet.

Holiday Mercado

Hijos del Sol, 2715 West Eighth Avenue

Saturday, December 21, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

As the Latino Cultural Arts Center in Sun Valley continues to raise money for a new home, the museum's retail shop, Hijos del Sol, puts a beautiful face on the institution’s mission by offering quality, hand-selected, handcrafted textiles, jewelry, accessories and home decor created by Latino folk artists from across the Americas; sales support both LCAC and fair-trade artisans. Now Hijos del Sol, a 2019 Westword Best of Denver winner, is kicking off its Holiday Mercado with several weekend shopping days ahead of Christmas. Go find something exquisite por tu familia y amigos.


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