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The River Sisters Circle: The South Platte River To Become a Pathway Toward Healing the Community

The River Sister Circle (RSC) emerged from a 2018 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), signed by Mayors Michael B. Hancock and José Enrique Reina Lizárraga, establishing a Bi-national partnership between the peoples of Denver, Colorado, and San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico. In 2019, RSC partnered with residents of Sun Valley, the Denver Housing Authority and the City in their community-driven master redevelopment plan to revitalize the neighborhood and create a new riverfront park.

Over the last 3 years, the LCAC has taken a leading role as a community anchor of the RSC, alongside El Laboratorio. Together we are embarking on building a “Turquoise Necklace” Riverwalk concept along the South Platte River in Denver. Our goal is to “heal” our sister, the River, and ourselves. In acknowledging and tapping into our Native heritages, we will transform these open spaces, while expanding creative, cultural, educational, and economic exchanges, locally and beyond.

We find ourselves in a deeply fractured society living on a damaged planet, urgently needing innovative approaches that combine art, culture, nature, engineering and science to bring us together to heal ourselves and the sacred resources and ecosystems that nourish us.

RSC Contributors:

Alfredo Reyes, Solicia Lopez, Nita Gonzales, Adrianna Abarca, Stella Madrid, Lisa Saenz, Jenny Santos, Jorge Figueroa, Paul Hellmund


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