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The LCAC Selected for the Adelante Colorado Cohort to Build Power & Unity Among Latinxs

Through a culturally grounded process, 23 established nonprofit organizations were selected as the members of the three year Adelante Colorado cohort, a Latino Community Foundation of Colorado (LCFC) first-of-its-kind project dedicated to building the capacities of Latino-led and –serving nonprofits and leaders in Colorado. The Latino Cultural Arts Center is among the cohort that will grow and thrive while they build their capacity to inspire imagination and social change.

This is a first-of-its-kind opportunity for our community to band together and develop our collective power. With the guidance of the LCFC, we will continue to build our capacity to better serve our communities. The LCAC looks forward to inspirational new partnerships and leveraging our network.” - Alfredo Reyes, LCAC Executive Director

The next phase of the LCAC’s development includes activating two warehouses (14,000 sq.ft.) called “Las Bodegas” that will house our community art space. Participating in Adelante will help build our capacity as world-class leaders and guide our continued success as a Latino community. Drawing upon the wisdom and strength of the LCFC would ensure that the LCAC secures a cultural foothold for Latinos in a rapidly changing city and state. Having guidance as we design our development strategy, grow our Board and launch new programs will help us increase our reach exponentially. The LCAC intends to play a leading role in the conversations of a post-COVID world around equity and justice.

Learn more about Adelante Colorado here: #AdelanteColorado


About the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado (LCFC)

LCFC’s mission is to work hand in hand with our diverse communities to create culturally responsive strategies that build influence, equity and opportunity for all Latino Coloradans. Led by Latinos and for Latinos, we pursue civic, economic, and cultural opportunities that drive a more authentic narrative about Latinos in the state and cement a healthy and vibrant future where all Latino Coloradans will prosper.

About the Colorado Health Foundation

The Colorado Health Foundation believes that health is a basic human right and is bringing health in reach for all Coloradans by engaging closely with communities across the state through investing, policy advocacy, learning and capacity building.


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