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The LCAC Launches the 3rd Season of the Public Arts Mentoring Program with Artist Jolt

The LCAC Public Art Mentoring Program is in its 3rd season with the goal of creating a pipeline of fresh talent! They will have the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of public art, along with the interpersonal and technical skills needed to become a public artist.

This week, we welcome returning students from Colorado Charter High School to be mentored under muralist JOLT from Guerilla Garden. Their next project will be wrapping Los Mesones Taqueria on West Colfax and Meade in murals. In the future, the students will work alongside the LCAC Team to bring a youth leadership element to the activation of Las Bodegas. A special “thank you” to our partners at the West Colfax Improvement District and Los Mesones!


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