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The LCAC Announces the 2020 Cohort for the LCAC Artist Training Program

The LCAC Announces the 2020 Cohort for the LCAC Artist Training Program.

Please join us in congratulating these amazing Denver artists!

Our goal for the LCAC is to develop a learning community among established and emerging artists that can support one another through these unprecedented times.

Itzel V. Aguilar Cal Duran Victor Escobedo Juan Fuentes Gary "Ordy" Garrison Lilian Lara Karma Leigh Josiah Lee Lopez Ana Marina Sanchez Luisa Zamora


​In December 2019, the LCAC kicked off a Listening Tour that is steering the design of our programming by helping us to identify the creative needs and priorities of our local artists. We are building a collaborative community arts center based upon a vision established by artists because they are often at the forefront of social movements. Artists not only have the ability to reveal injustice but can also envision the world as it could be, while guiding us towards our collective liberation.

Program Description

​The LCAC proudly announces the launch of the first artist training program intended for Latinx artists in the Denver metropolitan area. We offer a series of capacity-building workshops for a cohort of 10 interdisciplinary and intergenerational artists. We have three broad objectives for participating artists:

  1. Developing a learning community among emerging and established artists

  2. Using technology to spark collaboration while reaching new audiences

  3. Supporting artists in securing other funding opportunities


​Participating artists will each receive a $350 stipend. As part of the series of 10 workshops, participants will not only continue to develop their artistic medium, but also learn other technical skills, including, marketing, proposal writing, leveraging technology to build wider followings, among others. By focusing on building the capacity of artists, our aim is that they will be better equipped and more adaptable amid increasing uncertainty. Workshops will be held online via Zoom on a weekly basis until social distancing guidelines are relaxed.

Thank you for your support Bonfils-Stanton Foundation and the Ford Foundation


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