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Response(ART)ability and Leadership in Continued Times of Injustice

We will explore our collective responsibility as cultural institutions during times of continued injustice, a conversation prompted by current events and the immersive art experience Carne y Arena. Artist and master of ceremonies, Molina Speaks, will bookend the discussion with poems using his “live-scribe” technique integrating artistic perspective and audience voice.

The Latino Cultural Arts Center, along with our partners at the Biennial of the Americas, the Denver Art Museum, History Colorado Center, and the Village Exchange Center, proudly invite you to join us for a special conversation about art and immigration.


Victoria Lyall (moderator), Curator of Art of the Ancient Americas, Denver Art Museum

Chrissy Deal, Director of the Livingston Fellowship Program, Arts & Social Change Grantmaking at

Bonfils-Stanton Foundation

Rafael Fajardo, Artist and Associate Professor of Emergent Digital Practices at the University of Denver

Ramona Beltran, Associate Professor and Interim Faculty Director IRISE at the University of Denver

William Wei, Professor of History, University of Colorado at Boulder

Sarah Jackson, Executive Director of Casa De Paz


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