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LCAC Partners with Rocky Ridge for Nuestras Raíces: Música Mariachi July 18-24

LCAC Partners with Rocky Ridge Music in Estes Park for Nuestras Raíces: Música Mariachi July 18-24, 2022

In Summer 2022 we are partnering with Rocky Ridge Music Academy to work toward the goal of launching an exciting new week-long residential summer camp dedicated to the music of the Americas. Nuestras Raíces: Música Mariachi will focus on this traditional music in its inaugural year.

Led by LCAC Music Programs Director Marialuisa Meza-Burgos, will bring together expert Mariachi performers and educators providing individual instruction in violin, trumpet, guitar and voice. Classes will include lessons on the culture, history and theory of Mariachi. Full and partial scholarships are available. Please contact for an application.


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