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July 2022 Newsletter

A Summer Message from the LCAC Board Chair + Founder

We dedicate this Newsletter to Sun Valley, and invite you to join the exciting events and programs happening in our neighborhood. My family established our food business in this part of town 50 years ago, and I have witnessed the displacement and changes up close.

Honesty, it feels as if a bomb was dropped in the middle of what was for decades a community of people of color and immigrants. Many will not be returning as it no longer feels like home. After years of neglect, suddenly our neighborhood is the center of gentrification. Nevertheless, we are proud of our neighbors and partners who haven’t lost their connection to our history and the residents, old and new.

As the summer heat turns up, we want to share important information about ongoing efforts around water and artwork along the South Platte River. I want to introduce you to the River Sisters Circle and share that our Artist in Residence, David Ocelotl Garcia, is constructing components of two bridges for the National Western Center at the LCAC Colfax Studio, while transforming public art and community engagement!

Adrianna Abarca

Founder & Board Chair

Read the full July 2022 Newsletter here.

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