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Join Us in Welcoming Mari Meza-Burgos to the LCAC Team

Mari Meza-Burgos

Music Programs

Mari Meza-Burgos joined the LCAC Team to lead the development and coordination of our Music Programs. She will be supporting Master Luthier, Eric Trujillo with the LCAC’s Mambo Orchestra and Alonso Leyva with Nueva Escuela de Música. Burgos will be key in growing the Viva Southwest Mariachi Festival alongside Mariachi Master, Lorenzo Trujillo. Her goal is to create a program where students feel safe to express themselves freely and collaborate cross-culturally.

Mari is not only a talented musician and performer, she brings a range of talents that she refined at Su Teatro Cultural & Performing Arts Center. She draws upon her 20 years of regional and international experience in performing arts to educate, empower and create accessible opportunities for young BIPOC & LGBTQ+ performers.

Join us in welcoming Mari to the LCAC Team!


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