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Hecho en Colorado Exhibition at History Colorado

Hecho en Colorado

On view through January 10, 2021

History Colorado

Ballantine Gallery

1200 N. Broadway, Denver, Colorado

All work on view is Courtesy of the Abarca Family Collection.

**All timed ticket purchases must be made in advance either online or over the phone, 303/866-2394.

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In collaboration with History Colorado, see historically significant paintings, sculptures, textiles, and writings from Colorado’s Chicano and Mexicano communities, including selections from up-and-coming artists as well as such prominent figures as Carlota EspinoZa, Carlos Fresquez, and David Ocelotl García.

Una presentación en colaboración con el History Colorado, vea pinturas, esculturas, textiles y escritos históricamente importantes provenientes de la comunidad Chicanos and Mexicanos de Colorado, incluidas selecciones dejóvenes artistas prometedores, así como de personajes destacados como Carlota EspinoZa, Carlos Fresquez y David Ocelotl García.

Hecho en Colorado Exhibition Artists Lalo Delgado, Cal Duran, John Encinias, Victor Escobedo, Juan Espinosa, Carlota EspinoZa, Javier Flores, John Flores, Carlos Fresquez, Juan Fuentes, David Ocelotl García, Joaquin Gonzáles, Miguel González, Quintin González, JOLT, Ramon Kelley, Karma Leigh, Lu Liñan, Josiah Lee Lopez, Arlette Lucero, Stevon Lucero, Dan Luna, Sofia Márquez, Emanuel Martínez, Adrian H Molina, Norbeto Mojardin, Tony Ortega, Lorenzo Ramirez, Manuel Ramos, Abi Rosales, Daniel Salazar, Ana Marina Sanchez, Carlos Sandoval, Carlos Santistevan, Armando Silva, Zoots by Suavecito, Leo Tanguma, Lorenzo Trujillo, and Jerry Vigil


Cafecito Voces en Arte: Stories Behind the Art

A Message from Curator, Adrianna Abarca

"When well-established institutions fail to acknowledge or document the history and artistic expressions of an ethnic minority community, it is easy to overlook the value of their contributions. When I think about the enormous contributions of Mexican/Chicano/Native people, I wonder just how much has been lost to history. It has been my life’s work to ensure that at least some of that history is valued and preserved for future generations. As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Chicano Civil Rights Movement, Hecho en Colorado tells the story of one community’s rich contribution to the history of the state.

'La Raza', or the people, is a term used by Mexicans and Chicanos to describe ourselves. As Mestizos, or mixed-race people, Mexicans are an amalgamation of all the world’s races. We are partly the ancestors of the Native peoples who have lived and traveled in this region for thousands of years. Conversely, we are also descended from the Europeans who conquered them and appropriated their lands. Into this complicated colonial mix, we are the progeny of African slaves, indentured Asian laborers and Middle Eastern traders. The Mexican/Chicano/Native people have been in this region from the very beginning of the modern history of Colorado. We have been an integral part of every aspect of Colorado’s history. While many of our people were not born in Colorado, by no means are we new to this region. The artwork included in this show is part of the Abarca Family Collection and will be part of the Mexican Heritage Museum / Museo de Herencia Mexicana to be housed in the future Latino Cultural Arts Center of Colorado." Adrianna Abarca, Founder of the Latino Cultural Arts Center & ​Curator of Hecho en Colorado


The Hecho en Colorado Coloring Book Includes 22 original drawings from local artists "The Hecho En Colorado Coloring Book Connects Locals with the Past and Present of Latino Culture" (303 Magazine) The Hecho en Colorado Coloring Book includes drawings created by Colorado artists within the LCAC collection. This project wouldn’t be possible without artists who like us care deeply about your access to the arts. We hope we are able to put color back into your life by providing inspiration and comfort. Please consider leaving a donation to aide the "Hecho en Colorado" artists during this time.

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