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Cruising in Denver With Photographer Juan Fuentes

“It is important to photograph and document because it creates a record that affirms our reality, experience and moment in history. It is also a vehicle for storytelling, which allows us to take authorship of our own narrative.” - Juan Fuentes (@TheWriteJuan)

Juan Fuentes is a documentary photographer born in Chihuahua, México, who grew up in Denver’s Northside neighborhood. His kinship to the barrio is evident within his photography, telling the intimate stories of everyday immigrants and Chicanos. As a chronicler of life in Denver, when he isn’t photographing, he curates the content for @oldenver’s Instagram account - a visual record reminiscent of historic Denver before and after the influx of gentrification and displacement of people and culture.

As part of our mission to elevate and advance the artistic and intellectual contributions of Latinos in Denver, to national and international levels, the LCAC has acquired a collection of Juan Fuentes’ photographs. They will be on view at the future museum of the Latino Cultural Arts Center.


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