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Christie Tirado Prints Tell the Story of Migrant Hop Field Farmworkers

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we are partnering with Dry Dock Brewing’s North Dock location to host “Arte de Lupulo/Hop Art” featuring the beer-minded art of Christie Tirado, a Mexican American artist and elementary school art teacher in the Yakima Valley region of Washington. Her block prints celebrate an essential and astoundingly unsung group of people in the beer industry: Mexican migrant workers and Mexican Americans who work in the hop fields of Yakima Valley.⁣

On Sept. 9 at 5 p.m. at the North Dock location, Join us on Opening Night for Art de Lupulo. Tirado (at 7 p.m.) will discuss her art and her mission.

To celebrate Dry Dock will produce a special hoppy lager, Arte de Lupulo, for opening night made with Yakima Valley hops from hop supplier Yakima Chief. They will also produce a special fundraising T-shirt for Tirado that will feature her art.

On Sept. 10, noon - 4 p.m. at North Dock, Tirado will present a block printing workshop in conjunction with @lcacdenver. Reservations can be made at

Block Printing Workshop with Christie Tirado

Workshop: Saturday, September 10th, 12-4pm

Price: $55 for LCAC Donors / $60 Non-LCAC Donors

Location: Dry Dock Brewing North Dock / 2801 Tower Road in Aurora, CO

In this Block Printing workshop, Christie Tirado will give participants an overview of the process for making a simple, single-color linocut print. They will use tools specifically designed for printmaking to carve out pieces of a rubber block. The remaining areas on the block will be rolled up with ink and printed on paper to create a textured graphic print. Printing will be done manually, and won’t require special printing equipment. This workshop is perfect for those who don’t have much experience with linocut printmaking, and want to learn the process.

*Participants are encouraged, but not required, to bring a black and white pencil line drawing of an image they’d like to create on a 4"x6" sheet of paper.

Please Note:

Recommended for ages 12+

Workshop limited to a maximum of 12 participants

Link to become a LCAC Donor:

About Christie Tirado: Christie Tirado's artwork initially revolved around the many diasporas that compose her Mexican American identity. As the daughter of two immigrant parents from Mexico, her artistic creation has branched out to include and articulate the livelihoods of people who systematically go unheard and unseen: Central Washington’s farm workers. Her bold graphics, created primarily using the linocut technique, are inspired by the Mexican tradition of relief block printing that has historically been a vehicle for artistic, social, and political expression.

Tirado earned her BA at the University of WA and her MIT at Heritage University. Her work has been included in exhibitions at Davidson Galleries (Seattle, WA), SOIL Gallery (Seattle, WA), The Sun Valley Museum of Art (Ketchum, ID), and La Productora Gráfica del Bosque in Oaxaca, Mexico. She received the 2020 Larry Sommers Fellowship through Seattle Print Arts. Tirado has been featured in various newsrooms and magazines including High Country News, ProPublica and Crosscut. She currently teaches art to K-8 students in Yakima, Washington.⁣


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