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Ofrendas Recap + Art Therapy Grief Support from our Partners at @ArtTherapyCO

We close out #Ofrendas2021, with a recap of our Día de los Muertos programs and events, from Golden with the Foothills Art Center, to Aurora with the Mexican Cultural Center, and with Raices Brewing Company!

We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to learn about grief and resilience as a community and honor the lives of our ancestors. A special thank you to the Art Therapist Association of Colorado for joining us on this journey to make mental health more accessible.

Together, we learned about the sacred traditions of copal, marigolds, kite-making, nichos and Olinila lacquerware. We also hosted the first Ofrendas Mercado to protect the artisanship of handmade altar offerings.

Lilian Lara, who spearheads our Community Art Programs reflects, "It has been an absolute privilege to facilitate these workshops and I am grateful for everyone who took part in this collective moment of healing and creativity. Muchísimas Gracias!"

For those struggling with the pain of grief and loss, please feel free to reach out to our partners at Colorado Art Therapy Association, where they can direct you to resources and support. We are attaching a helpful resource packet for those who are in need of immediate help.

ENGLISH LCAC_COATA Ofrendas2021 brochure
Download PDF • 2.97MB


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