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The First Coloring Book Featuring Artists from the Latino Cultural Arts Center's Collection

It's here, the first coloring book featuring Colorado artists within the LCAC Collection, who will be a part of our upcoming exhibition with History Colorado called Hecho en Colorado. This art activity book is FREE and is intended for students, families, and art lovers to create together or in solitude. During a time of uncertainty, art can provide a mental relief for those who are managing stress and anxiety. Click here to download the Hecho en Colorado Coloring Book. For those with no acces to a computer or printer you can save the photos down below.

Submissions from our artists are still rolling, so we will keep you updated on Facebook. We would like to see how much fun you are having, so tag us online @LCACdenver or email us at

This project wouldn’t be possible without artists who like us care deeply about the access to art while schools and cultural institutions are closed. We thank them for their support and everyone who is working together to provide relief for those in need. We hope we are able to put color back into your life by providing inspiration and comfort.

Contributing Artists

Cal Duran

Javier Flores

Ana Marina Sanchez

David Ocelotl García

Leo Tanguma

Forthcoming Artists

Carlos Sandoval

Carlota EspinoZa

Carlos Fresquez

Arlette Lucero

Stevon Lucero

Karma Leigh


and many more!


Quotes from the LCAC's Listening Tour

Complete the following phrase: A world without art is...

"Hella boring" - Karma Leigh

"A dark world, a boring and dull world. It's a hungry world, I'd say."

- Jozer Guerrero

"Not a world at all" - Victor Escobedo

"No world I want to live in. I don't think it's plausible, if you look at the earliest human activity in the Lascaux and Altameda caves. Those cave paintings tell us that as soon as we had tools, we figured out a way to express ourselves."

- Javier Flores

We Are In This Together!

The Latino Cultural Arts Center is committed to the well-being of Latinx artists. We have reached out to our network and a few have expressed a need for financial relief during this current health crisis.

Give a special donation today to ensure the "Hecho en Colorado" artists can continue to inspire and create. We are suggesting a $20 donation that will go directly toward a fund that will aide artists during unforeseen complications because of Covid-19.

Calling all Latino/a/x Creatives in Colorado

The never-ending news cycle can be a bit overwhelming, so we want to encourage you to take a break from it and make some art. Share your creations with us and a little blurb for a chance to have it featured on the Latino Cultural Arts Center's social media accounts! 

For those with limited access to a printer or computer, you can save images below and color on your phone within photo editing tools or by downloading a color app.

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