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A Vision Rooted in the Past, Present, and Future - Our Leadership is Bold and Fearless

Colorado has long been home to brave individuals that have taken up the fight for civil rights – not just for Chicanos and Latinos but for all. As leaders in the cultural arts, business, and education, they have used their voices to shed light on the untold stories about struggle and resilience in our communities.

The history of the LCAC is rooted in a long genealogy of proud Latinos that have pledged their time, talent, and treasure to build a cultural campus unlike anything in the city, the state, or the nation. These include family names like Aguayo, Cordova, Duran, Gallegos, García, González, Hernández, LeFebre, Liñan, Lopez, Luna, Maldonado, Martinez, Quintana, Reyes, Rivera, Rodriguez, Solano, Trujillo, and many more!

As members of the LCAC board, staff, and advisory council, we invite you to be a part of this history. Your contribution will help establish an institution where different generations and nationalities come together to celebrate the richness and diversity of the Latino community through dance, music, and visual arts. Together, we can uplift our stories and envision a future where we build bridges instead of walls.

As you plan your end of year donations, we respectfully ask you to consider supporting the LCAC by contributing $10-$25 a month to help ensure the financial stability of our programs. Follow this link to set up a reoccurring donation>>

The LCAC’s vision is to offer opportunities for artists, communities, families, scholars and students. Your donations will help support original programs that blur artistic boundaries while engaging the public as co-creators in the creative process. In the year ahead we will continue refining our scope while deepening our partnerships at home and abroad.


We cannot do this without you!

An Inter-generational Vision

Meet a Few of the Leaders Behind LCAC

Flo Hernandez Ramos is on LCAC's Advisory Council Member and was born and raised in Lamar Colorado. Along with other leaders, Hernandez-Ramos began organizing KUVO; saying, “I have always wanted to ensure that our culture and quality of life for people is good, and I have given it my all to see that it happens in radio, Chicano theatre and literature. I hope you embrace these things.”

Carlos Martinez serves on LCAC's Board and is the Executive Director of Latino Community Foundation of Colorado. He says, "I am most inspired of how LCAC will play a vital role in evolving Latino heritage, past, present and future, and connecting a deep spirit of orgullo (pride) across generations."

Benita Duran is LCAC's Project Director; she is a place-maker and a community builder. She is a Colorado native, who has over 25 years of broad expertise in community planning and economic development throughout Colorado and the southwest.

Magdalena Aguayo serves on our Advisory Council. She is a retired Pediatric Physician Assistant and for the last 25 years has emphasized the state-wide importance of health, history, and education for Latino families. Mrs. Aguayo is also among the founders of Museo de las Americas. She describes the importance of the LCAC by saying, "The plan for LCAC is to make learning about the past and present [forms of] Latino expressions engaging and fulfilling. In this way, we can help to build a more complete world view."

Dalia Dorta is an Advisory Council Member and a successful business woman, cultural producer, and serves as a liaison between Latino families and the Environment for the Americas. She says, the "LCAC is vital for the community as it reunites and becomes a center for all of the many cultures, arts, and histories that make the Latino American cultures as powerful and rich as they are."

Tamil Maldonado Vega serves on our Advisory Council. She is the founder of Barrio E’ and Co-Founder of Raíces Brewing Company. She uses her platform to bring awareness to Pan-American identities, cultivates Latino leadership, advocates for diversity, and produces environments for multiculturalism to flourish in Colorado.

Bobby LeFebre is Colorado's Poet Laureate and a member of our Advisory Council. He is an award-winning writer, performer, and cultural worker fusing a non-traditional multi-hyphenated professional identity to imagine new realities. LeFebre's goal is to empower communities, advance arts and culture, and serve as an agent of provocation, transformation, equity, and social change.

Adrianna Abarca is the founder of the Latino Cultural Arts Center. She has long dreamed of creating an institution where the art, history, and culture of Latinos from Colorado and beyond are accurately represented. She has dedicated herself to creating unique spaces where artists, families, community, visitors and scholars can thrive.

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We are an Enterprise Zone Project, so contributions over $100 to our programs and operations are eligible for a state tax credit of 25%. Please consider giving directly on the Colorado Gives website.

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