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Artistic Director, Jairo Heli, brings Indigenous and Modern Dance to Colorado Ballet in the Product

REDbeat, choreographed by Jairo Heli is his first collaboration with Colorado Ballet. In this work, 25 studio company dancers are stretched creatively with indigenous and modern dance techniques. Set to live indigenous music, REDbeat is raw and dynamic.

Performed at Colorado Ballet's Attitude on Santa Fe, March 10 & 11, 2017.

REDbeat was part of New Cultural Works, a multi-year project, to enhance the cultural story of the community through indigenous dance. It connected Colorado Ballet’s dancers with emerging choreographers and the community to reflect the Mexican heritage and people of Colorado.

Check out the performance here.

Based out of Guadalajara, Mexico, choreographer Jairo Heli presented REDbeat with the Colorado Ballet Studio Company. According to Heli, "The planet has changed its natural rhythm and lost its equilibrium. As a result of this, all living and organic beings have changed their beat to a tune where they are dangerously close to collapsing. REDbeat is a trip to the inside of these bodies, where the arteries are contaminated and heartbeats rise."

The presentation of this ballet is sponsored by a Bonfils Stanton Foundation grant and The Latino Cultural Arts Center (LCAC).

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