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LCAC is a Proud Sponsor of Latin Fashion Week Colorado

Latin Fashion Week Colorado

Saturday, August 24th - Colorado Designers Fashion Show

Sunday, August 25th - Kids/Teens Fashion Show

Monday, August 26th - Workshops

Tuesday, August 27th - Workshops

Wednesday, August 28th - Hair, Make-up and nails Competition / Workshops

Thursday, August 29th - Nuestra Modelo Denver Show

Friday, August 30th - International Designers Fashion Show

(For more details regarding time and location please click here.)

Dress to impress because Latin Fashion Week Colorado is August 24th - 30th ! Designers and attendees will enjoy fashion shows, workshops, and competitions showcasing local and international talent !


As Colorado continues to welcome more people from various parts of the nation and the world each year, Latin Fashion Week Colorado was created to honor the rich diversity in our creative community, not only from the Americas but also from Europe, Africa and Asia.

Latin Fashion Week Colorado's mission is to educate and elevate local emerging fashion designers and artists by connecting them with an experienced panel of industry leaders, renowned national and international designers.

During LFWC, participants will have the opportunity to attend fashion shows, workshops, competitions, and to receive scholarships and ongoing support for their education year-round.

Latin Fashion Week Colorado aims to create tomorrow's new wave of talented fashion designers and artists with recognition on a national and international levels!

LCAC is hosting José Luis Abarca Torreblanca (Mexico) an independent designer with a very sophisticated and bold style. In his designs he uses feminine details such as fluid fabrics, drapes and lavish embroideries to express his whimsical fantasy.

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