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Guadalajara's Contemporary Dance Collective Hikuri Danza Visits Colorado

The Guadalajara dance company Hikuri Danza presented at Fairview Elementary, nestled in the Heart of Sun Valley Neighborhood. The performance arose from the cultural exchange between LCAC and Arte Escena Crisol / GDLab, the performance art school that houses several dance collectives, including Hikuri Danza, that are transforming the cultural industries in Mexico. This marks a series of collaborations that LCAC is developing that will prioritize the families in the neighborhood.

Balam: The Last Jaguar Warrior performance brings awareness to the protection of animals as they border extinction. "Balam" is Maya for "jaguar", that inhabit the rain forest of Chiapas, Mexico. The jaguars also hold an important cultural relevance to the Aztecs and Mayans as they are believed to move between earth and spirit realms. The play also includes a Macaw and Quetzal who play the part of protectors as they inform the audience for the need of recycling and reforestation.

Jairo Heli Garcia, one of the Creative Directors of Hikuri Danza visits Colorado with Dancers, Mariel RueLas', Diana Alejandra Espinoza, & Mariana Sanchez. He explains that the collective works on several projects throughout the year with themes of environmental & social justice.

"The objective of the piece is to use performative arts to recover cultural identity by mixing modern and traditional history. We are trying to plant a seed to stimulate the new generation to rebuild one's relationship with nature and movement."

In addition, Hikui Danza works within schools throughout Mexico. After each performance they plant trees with the students. They name the tree and assign one student with the responsibility to care for it. They have been fortunate to be supported by the Ministry of Culture in Guadalajara, where they have been been awarded with funds to travel and expand their mission to American audiences. They have performed in California, Colorado, Illinois, New York, and Texas.

Now with the immense support from the LCAC the collective will continue to conduct educational programming in Colorado. For any inquiry about partnering with LCAC please contact Adrianna Abarca, Founder and Board Chair, at 720-353-2233.

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