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Cal Duran's Art is Housed in LCAC's Collection

Denver-born Cal Duran sitting in front of his totem installation made in collaboration with Danette Montoya. The iconography he uses bridges his native roots both in the Americas and India. His work explores the parallel between these hybrid identities found in myth, religion, and ritual.

“Art has been a portal to channel my indigenous ancestors, where I slip under an emotional spinning vortex of creation. The makers of my blood flow through me. I channel the artisans, craft-makers, mud-dwellers, star-makers, dream-weavers and earth-brothers and sisters — the ones who paved the way and forged the path. My work carries spirit and my truth is in everything I create.” – Cal Duran

Duran is a local creative and has his studio at ReCreative Denver. For more information about Cal Duran visit his website

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