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LCAC Supports Indigenous Artisans Through Hijos del Sol's Retail Store

The LCAC operates Hijos del Sol, a gallery and retail shop that encourages and supports local and international Latino folk art and fine art and provides a revenue-generating source for artists and artisans. Artists will also have the opportunity to share information about their work by providing demonstrations, classes, and lectures about their work within the meeting and workshop space in the LCAC.

At Hijos del Sol we work with Gloria, the founder of Cielo Maya—a wholesale importer that brings a catalyst for economic development and humanitarian effort to support Mayan artisans in Guatemala. For the last 18 years, Gloria—a lover of the arts--has traveled to work with indigenous artists to develop their craft, where the result has enhanced their self-sufficiency and quality of life. She has witnessed the power their art has brought to improvements in health and education for families and young women. Therefore, we know by working with Cielo Maya we are sharing the traditions that keep culture alive and thriving! #ShopHijosdelSol

Painting by Guatemalan artist, Pedro Arnoldo Cruz Sunu


Shop the Americas at Hijos del Sol!

September 22nd, 2018, 11 am-4 pm,

2715 W. Colfax

Denver, CO 80206

In the meantime take a look at the online shopping catalog!

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