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Nueva Escuela de Música is looking for Young Musicians

We are honored to announce a partnership with Grammy award-winner Martin Alonso Leyva, who will continue building the capacity for Nueva Escuela de Música, a bilingual music school that opened in Denver in 2010.

His lifelong musical experiences have prepared him to teach diverse styles, instruments, production, composition and arrangements. He will offer instruction in music theory, sight-reading, ear training and ensemble. Students will get to explore the history, rhythm and textures found in Mexican, Latino, Caribbean and hybrid genres.

Recognizing a need for music education at a greater scale, Alonso is committed to enhancing the impact music can have on the health of his students and their families. Together, these music programs will open the door for young musicians to begin envisioning themselves as professional musicians, sound engineers, entrepreneurs, and teachers.

Nueva Escuela de Música is looking for students interested in private piano, saxophone, bass or guitar lessons at our 800 Kalamath location on Monday evenings.

To schedule private lessons with Nueva Escuela de Música call (720) 500-3306.


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