SOBREMESA \\ Table Talk


The LCAC team would like to personally invite you to a series of zoom talks called “Sobremesa”, a Spanish term used when you are in good company and conversation with friends and family.  Sobremesa / Table Talk is an intimate online discussion about how art can have a social impact. We want to be intentional about creating interdisciplinary, intercultural and intergenerational creative opportunities. The LCAC celebrates the hybridity that is forged by making connections across the diverse artistic and intellectual contributions of Indigenous, Mexicanos, Chicanos and Latinxs in the Americas. This series aims to co-create with local artists, families, youth and educators towards defining the Latino Cultural Arts Center (LCAC) core values. This conversations will guide us as we embark on opening Las Bodegas, an integrated community arts center in 2022.

Follow along each week on Facebook and Instagram as the LCAC and artists explore ways to define the next LCAC value with your input. We are excited to see where our conversation takes us, as we embark on defining the LCAC’s core values. 


Cultural Courage
At the LCAC we believe that identity, knowledge and culture are dynamic. We’ve asked the community to share their insights into what ‘Cultural Courage” means to you? How do you embody it in your everyday life? What does it look like? How does it feel? Watch the video below to see the responses from sculptor Cal Duran and comunidad. 

Help us Name this Value!

Over the next two weeks, we will be exploring with Denver-based jeweler, Ana Marina Sanchez who participated in the first cohort of the LCAC Artist Training Program. As a team, we have had a hard time naming this value because it is more of a feeling that cannot be fully described. Help us name this value by sending us a message answering: What do you get when you combine actions like passion, solidarity, respect, acknowledgement, humility and grace?

We encourage you to reflect on this value and share your ideas during the Sobremesa / Table Talk, Sept 22nd, at 6pm

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