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Pueblo Celebrates Chicano art and History with 'Hecho en Colorado'


Julio Sandoval, Corbett Stevenson

• Published on May 20, 2022 • Last modified on May 19, 2022

PUEBLO, Colo. — This month, History Colorado’s El Pueblo History Museum opened a new exhibit that will center artists of Chicano, Indigenous and Mexican descent.

Titled “Hecho en Colorado” (Made in Colorado), the exhibit was created as part of a partnership with the Denver Latino Cultural Arts Center.

“These artists’ contributions to the cultural landscape of Colorado are unmatched and it is a great opportunity to share them with southern Colorado,” said Dianne Archuleta, director of El Pueblo History Museum, in a recent press release.

Hecho en Colorado” showcases a variety of art, depicting both contemporary and ancient traditions. The exhibition will include work from notable artists like Carlos Sandoval, Carlota EspinoZa, Carlos Fresquez, and David Ocelotl García alongside many more.

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