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[Listen to Kuvo Interview] Fábrica de Arte Américas: Five Days of Art, Culture, and Community

An immersive art experience called Fábrica de Arte Américas came to Denver last week as part of The Biennial of the Americas. This festival wove together art, culture, and community. A once empty warehouse was brought to life with live music, DJ sets, dance performances, fashion shows, and visual arts. The festival took place from April 26-30 2023 and the art showcased each day was different from the last.

On opening day, Wednesday April 26th, I had the privilege of experiencing the world premiere of TLAOLLI, a performance by Pardo Heli of Mexico. This was a contribution of the Latino Cultural Arts Center (LCAC) who said this on their Facebook page of the performance:

TLAOLLI follows the Indigenous, Afro-Descendant and Mestizo peoples on a sacred pilgrimage to the mountains. We are given colorful corn seeds to share a unified message against racism, classism and xenophobia with inhabitants of Tatei Yurienaka (Mother Earth). Through music, theater, and dance, TLAOLLI invites us to use ancestral knowledge to understand our present.

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