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800 Kalamath: Mambo Orchestra Update

It’s the middle of summer and the bright green building, on the corner of 8th Avenue and Kalamath, is alive with the rhythmic sounds of bongos, violins, a flute and a grand piano echoing throughout.

We share a state-of-the-art music building, at 8th and Kalamath, with MSU Denver Department of Music, Nueva Escuela de Música, and Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts. In this space, our community has access to common areas, soundproof practice rooms, rehearsal spaces, and a computer lab with music engineering software.

800 Kalamath is meant to be a space for the community to learn about the different styles of music from Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. The goal is for students to advance their music education and to envision themselves as professional musicians. While families wait for rehearsals to finish, they will have the opportunity to participate with The Mambo Orchestra or in the many musical activities that will be provided in the common areas.

Our Music Programs and Partnership are accessible and provide students with a sense of belonging, where creativity is the language that is spoken. We will share monthly updates about upcoming events, workshops and more! If you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities, reach out to Alfredo and I - we look forward to hearing from you!

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