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Hecho en Colorado with San Luis Valley Artist Carlos Sandoval

Carlos Sandoval, La del Valle, Acrylic, 2020, Abarca Family Collection, Colorado.

Carlos Sandoval is a Colorado native from the town of San Luis who has made a lifelong quest to enrich the world with the beauty of the San Luis Valley. Carlos’ family name, Sandoval, has withstood 10 generations of colonial encounters after migrating from the historic New Mexican Villages of Chimayo and Abiquiu.

From an early age, this deep connection with his ancestral roots in Colorado is what attracted him to create. Sandoval’s work is a continuous celebration that pays homage and respect to Native Peoples’ way of life, culture and tradition. His style is unmistakably authentic, modern and American.

Sandoval explains, “I have come to realize we are here to create, and to manifest according to our passion. I’ve managed to grasp some fundamentals of this awesome process, unfolding and learning about a reality that gives us more of a creative drive! As an artist, my emotional body has lifted me to a greater creative journey, knowing that my divine path is already paved. I am a Co-Creator…”.

Carlos Sandoval currently lives in San Luis, CO and splits his time traveling between Colorado and New Mexico much like his ancestors before him.

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