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Supporting Latina Makers at our Museum Gift Shop - Hijos del Sol

Hijos del Sol Artist Highlight with Artist Ana Marina

We welcome Ana Marina Sanchez as Hijos del Sol’s new local artisan. She is originally from Mexico City, raised in Los Angeles and now based in Denver.

“My pieces reflect the deep admiration and connection I have with my history. Through my work, I intend to preserve and celebrate the folklore embedded within Latin American cultura. I use sterling silver, metal, stone, wood to adorn the wearer. My pieces provoke a story born from myth, emotion, and a memory of a time or place that any person can connect to.”

Her love for jewelry began at an early age. As a young girl, she remembers staring at her abuela when she would get ready for special occasions. "She looked beautiful doing her hair, putting on her makeup, and meticulously combining every color of her outfit, but my favorite part was when she opened her treasure box to choose the jewelry she wanted to wear. As she put on her jewelry, her whole outfit came to life." Without knowing at the time, these pivotal memories gave birth to her great dream.

"Metal is a very permissive material that allows me to convert my ideas into something solid, there is no limit."

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