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The Malintzin: Unraveled and Rewoven, was an immersive journey that untangled one of Mexico’s most prolific and captivating icons. It opened March 31, 2022 with a reception at the CU Denver Experience Gallery (formerly the Next Stage Gallery), located at the DCPA. 

Inspired by DAM’s “Traitor, Survivor, Icon: The Legacy of La Malinche,” this installation brought Denver-based artists Lilian Lara, Norbeto Mojardin, and CU Denver Professor Bryan Leister and his students to examine the polarizing figure that served as a bridge between the Aztec and Spanish empires. It loosened the threads of Malinche and rewove them into a jungle of fabric foliage and textiles that reflected an evolving interpretation of her power as a woman caught in impossible situations.

This exhibition was presented as a partnership among the Latino Culture Arts Center (LCAC), CU Denver’s College of Arts & Media (CAM), and the Denver Art Museum

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