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Latino Cultural Arts Center

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Las Bodegas will challenge disciplinary and artistic boundaries by connecting students with artists, communities and scholars. It will gather dancers, musicians, and painters and encourage them to collaborate rather than work in isolation. It will develop innovative approaches to representing Latino art, history, and culture by building relationships that span generations and borders. The LCAC has invested in this by hiring a Director of Programs and will begin programming in 2020 at a nearby site. Las Bodegas will be the anchor as we continue to design our cultural campus. Join us now and be a part of LCAC’s story.




Our vision is bigger than any one person or organization. The LCAC will harness the leadership, talent, and power that already exists in our communities. We will reimagine the cultural arts environment in Colorado by drawing upon a network of artists and educators locally and across the Americas.


The LCAC will build the first boutique-hotel of Mexican art in the nation, cementing us as an anchor in the community for economic development. It will offer job training and hospitality management opportunities, and provide up to 100 rooms for guests, some of which will be designated for visiting invited artists to stay. It will feature a rooftop bar, café, eatery, meeting and event spaces.

The restaurant and café will integrate the boutique hotel with the cultural center thus offering an immersive cultural experience for visitors and guests. The museums will host interrelated programs and exhibits and will feature a permanent display of works on loan from the Abarca Family Collection of Mexican and Chicano art accumulated over the last four decades.


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