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Molding a Sustainable Creative Life with David Ocelotl García

El Corazón de Pueblo, Colorado, David Ocelotl García Colorado-based artist David Ocelotl Garcia is accomplished across several mediums including painting, sculpture, and murals. David discovered his natural ability and passion for fine art at the age of eleven. By the age of eighteen David was assisting professional artists on monumental bronze sculptures. Now, his own work ranges from large-scale interior and exterior murals painted directly on existing surfaces, panels, cloth and canvas. David has developed his own technique and philosophy about painting and sculpture in what he coins “Abstract Imaginism; a style of art that combines the spontaneity and unpredictability of abstraction with

Guadalajara's Contemporary Dance Collective Hikuri Danza Visits Colorado

The Guadalajara dance company Hikuri Danza presented at Fairview Elementary, nestled in the Heart of Sun Valley Neighborhood. The performance arose from the cultural exchange between LCAC and Arte Escena Crisol / GDLab, the performance art school that houses several dance collectives, including Hikuri Danza, that are transforming the cultural industries in Mexico. This marks a series of collaborations that LCAC is developing that will prioritize the families in the neighborhood. Balam: The Last Jaguar Warrior performance brings awareness to the protection of animals as they border extinction. "Balam" is Maya for "jaguar", that inhabit the rain forest of Chiapas, Mexico. The jaguars also ho

¡Artistas! Funding and Resources to get You Started on Your Next Brilliant Project

Denver Chinook Fund Denver Arts and Venues Rose Community Foundation Colorado Creative Industries Redline Residencies & Exhibitions Anderson Ranch Call For Entry (Cafe) Entry Thingy for Artists PlatteForum Denver Art Museum Redline National NALAC Sustainable Arts Foundation Training and more resources Grants West Women of Color in the Arts (WOCA) WESTAF