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Cementing the Future by Remembering the Past

The 2700 block on Old West Colfax and the surrounding area has a rich history that traces its roots to Russian Jewish families who fled persecution and came to Colorado to make a new life for themselves. After two years in Cotopaxi, Colorado and an unsuccessful attempt at establishing a farming community, many of these families migrated to Denver and settled along the Platte River and Old West Colfax in 1884. When the Colfax viaduct was erected in 1917, there was an enclave of houses, shops, markets, congregations and businesses that had amassed, including some of Denver's staples - the Star Bakery across the street and Congregation Zera Abraham. The LCAC site has a recorded history dating b

Faces Behind LCAC with Magdalena Aguayo

Who are you? My name is Magdalena Aguayo and I am a retired Pediatric Physician Assistant. I worked for over 25 years serving the Latino/Hispanic community in central Denver at Sandos Westside Health Center, a Denver Health Clinic. What cultural impact have you had in your community? In my position as a Pediatric PA, there was daily opportunity to teach maintenance of cultural identities brought forward from families from all areas of Latin America, including those tracing their ancestors to the start of the Spanish conquest. I directed and coordinated a Pre-School Literacy Program most of my career at Westside, and encouraged all parents and children to aspire to higher education and beco

Cal Duran's Art is Housed in LCAC's Collection

Denver-born Cal Duran sitting in front of his totem installation made in collaboration with Danette Montoya. The iconography he uses bridges his native roots both in the Americas and India. His work explores the parallel between these hybrid identities found in myth, religion, and ritual. “Art has been a portal to channel my indigenous ancestors, where I slip under an emotional spinning vortex of creation. The makers of my blood flow through me. I channel the artisans, craft-makers, mud-dwellers, star-makers, dream-weavers and earth-brothers and sisters — the ones who paved the way and forged the path. My work carries spirit and my truth is in everything I create.” – Cal Duran Duran is a loc

Supporting Latina Makers at our Museum Gift Shop - Hijos del Sol

Hijos del Sol Artist Highlight with Artist Ana Marina We welcome Ana Marina Sanchez as Hijos del Sol’s new local artisan. She is originally from Mexico City, raised in Los Angeles and now based in Denver. “My pieces reflect the deep admiration and connection I have with my history. Through my work, I intend to preserve and celebrate the folklore embedded within Latin American cultura. I use sterling silver, metal, stone, wood to adorn the wearer. My pieces provoke a story born from myth, emotion, and a memory of a time or place that any person can connect to.” Her love for jewelry began at an early age. As a young girl, she remembers staring at her abuela when she would get ready for special

Christine Eber - Activist, Anthropologist, And Author Of "When a Woman Rises" Will Grace D

Christine Eber - Activist, Anthropologist, and Author of "When a Woman Rises" will grace Denver with her presence April 5th-6th. Make sure to mark your calendars – presentations and film viewing are listed below. About the Novel When a Woman Rises by Christine Eber is her debut novel based on her work as an anthropologist with women in Chiapas since the 1980s. The novel takes place in the Maya township of Chenalhó where Verónica, a teenage girl, is recovering from a disastrous early marriage. Spurred on by a community program of women telling their stories, she asks her mother Magdalena to record the story of her growing up and that of best friend, Lucia. About the Film "Maya Faces in a Smok