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Faces Behind LCAC with Carlos Martinez

Who are you? Carlos Martinez, a LCAC Board Member and Executive Director of Latino Community Foundation of Colorado. What cultural impact have you had in your community? Art and culture play a critical role in helping people find their identity and anchors one to their traditions, heritage and values. I am fortunate and grateful to play a role in the art and cultural landscape of my community. What are you looking forward to the most about the future of LCAC? I am most inspired of how LCAC will play a vital role in evolving Latino heritage, past, present and future, and connecting a deep spirit of orgullo (pride) across generations. Why is it vital for LCAC to exist? LCAC will elevate the vo

Meet One of LCAC’s Artists-In-Residence David Ocelotl Garcia

David Ocelotl Garcia, “La Fiesta”, acrylic on canvas, part of the Abarca Family Collection. Meet one of LCAC’s artists-in-residence David Ocelotl Garcia. Colorado-based artist David Ocelotl Garcia (b.1978, Denver, CO) is accomplished across several mediums including painting, sculpture, and murals. His work can be seen in public art commissions, and both museum and private collections. ​ David discovered his natural ability and passion for fine art at the age of eleven. His early work consisted of life drawing and water-based sculpture, which he created at the Art Students League of Denver. By the age of eighteen David was assisting professional muralists and monumental bronze sculptors. No