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Faces Behind LCAC with Bobby Lefebre

Bobby LeFebre is an award-winning writer, performer, and cultural worker fusing a non-traditional multi-hyphenated professional identity to imagine new realities, empower communities, advance arts and culture, and serve as an agent of provocation, transformation, equity, and social change. What is the impact you’ve had in the community? As a writer, performer, and cultural worker whose work is rooted in cultural practice and social justice, I understand all too well the ways traditional narratives of our peoples and our arts and culture are told through a narrow lens; a lens that that values dominant culture’s traditions, cannons, and artistic and cultural practices and renders anything that

December 2018 Newsletter

The LCAC will be comprised of interrelated programs and exhibits. Central among them will be the Abarca Family Collection, blending fine art and folk art to bring dignity and respect to the full spectrum of indigenous artists. With the Abarca Collection and a variety of rotating exhibits, the LCAC will put a spotlight on the next generation of Latino artists. LCAC will feature a Latino resource library to enhance programming and exhibits. While conceptual design and planning are underway, the LCAC vision includes the following: traditional Mexican food stands and gift shop on the ground floor; and museum galleries, an extensive Latino resource library, and a black box theater on the upper fl

Welcome Denver Native Thadeaous Mighell Martinez to LCAC

The Latino Cultural Art Center (LCAC) is pleased to welcome Denver native Thadeaous Mighell Martinez, who joined our team as a Project Team Consultant this month. With nearly fifteen years’ experience in the development and management of arts, cultural, and entertainment ventures, Thadeaous is exceptionally talented in the development and execution of large-scale programs as well as fundraising and donor cultivation. He maintains a very close relationship with Colorado creatives, and has been a regular organizer and mentor for the local art community for the last seven years. In addition to LCAC, Thadeaous also contributes independently on projects that elevate the Latinx Arts and Culture c

Faces Behind LCAC With Josiah Lopez

Josiah Lee Lopez, a practicing Denver native artist for the past 26 years, recognized for his dynamic stencil work both inside and outside the gallery space. His work consists of graffiti, illustration, and painting. Drawn by popular culture, he has a personal archive of 10,000 images from magazines, books, and the web. His works, which require multiple stencils pieced together for the final composition, are typically depictions of historical figures and events significant to his personal and collective Latino identity. Take a stroll up Santa Fe Drive between 9th and 10th to see one of his most iconic murals – The Blue Ladies. It is understood that the walls on this block are his claimed do

Dear LCAC Supporters - GIVE TODAY!

Thank you for supporting the work we are doing to get the Latino Cultural Arts Center (LCAC) off the ground ! In the last few months our team has focused on and made significant progress on the design and plans for the construction of the new building for LCAC at the Colfax location. We now have a complete team put together made up primarily Latinos and women. We are excited to announce that we will break ground in 2019. Please be with us as we kick-off this effort to build it from the ground up ! We are hopeful that you will consider a generous donation to the LCAC before the end of the year. A BIG thank you in advance for your ongoing support ! We will be accepting donations until Decembe