The Mission of the Latino Cultural Arts Center (LCAC) is to strengthen the knowledge of the extensive artistic expressions of Latinos living in the U.S. and globally through education, discussion, exhibition, and preservation of their historical and ongoing contributions.


Preserve the historic presence of Latinos in the Rocky Mountain region 

Ensure adequate representation of varied Latino cultural traditions 

Promote self-empowerment of the Latino community through participation in artistic activities 

Provide Latino artists an opportunity to launch new cultural endeavors 

Encourage tourism in the region anchored to a vibrant Latino community 


The Main Campus

The Latino Cultural Arts Center (LCAC) is redeveloping four buildings situated along Lower West Colfax near Federal. The LCAC Main Campus will consist of an integrated cultural experience featuring a research library (“La Teca”), two museums (“Museo de Herencia Mexicana” and the “Museo Colibrí" dedicated to the Caribbean, Central and South America”), a retail space, an eatery and a boutique hotel.

Hijos del Sol

The shop, celebrating its second year on 8th Avenue, was recognized by Westword as "Denver's Best Museum Gift Shop of 2019”, where you can find hand-selected quality textiles, one-of-a-kind jewelry, hand-painted home decor and more. The shop includes artisan work from throughout Mexico, Central and South America, as well as Colorado-based and U.S. artists with a connection to Latin America.

Las Bodegas

Las Bodegas, located on 12th Avenue, is slated to open in 2021. It will challenge disciplinary and artistic boundaries by connecting students with artists, communities and scholars. The LCAC will gather visual and performing artists and encourage them to collaborate rather than work in isolation. We will develop innovative approaches to represent Latino art, history, and culture by building relationships that span generations and borders.

The Latino Cultural Arts Center (LCAC) will be a integrated cultural campus in the Sun Valley neighborhood west of downtown Denver at the intersection of Federal Boulevard and Colfax Avenue near I-25.  As one of Denver’s oldest and most diverse neighborhoods, with deep roots in Latino and immigrant communities, Sun Valley is currently undergoing significant revitalization. The LCAC will be an active part of its transformation. 

The campus will bring enhanced cultural and economic vitality to Denver and the Rocky Mountain region. For the opportunity to be fully realized, the project will require significant public and private investment. It will also deepen partnerships with community stakeholders and funders.

Financing will be secured from public and private sources, including foundations and individuals, government, and corporate underwriting. Funding will be supplemented by philanthropic contributions from Adrianna Abarca, who is providing the seed capital and a portion of the operating support for the project.

The LCAC will be comprised of interrelated programs and exhibits. Central among them will be two museums, one dedicated to Mexican heritage and the other to Latin America; a library of Latino arts, culture and history; and an educational and hands-on learning academy focused on Latino arts and culture, including: 


• Meeting and workshop space 

• Rental office and exhibition space 

• Space for visiting artists to work and stay 

• Rooftop venue for community gatherings 

• Galleries and retail shops for local and visiting artists to sell their work 

• Food Plaza, Café and Cantina for communities to socialize and deepen connections 



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